Is this the End of Rupert Murdoch Reign of Filth?

Finally, a little light has been shown upon the ‘evil empire’ that is News Corp.  The disgusting events unfolding in the United Kingdom are the long sought after unveiling of what Rupert Murdoch  stands for: Nothing.  The unadulterated invasion of privacy of victims and families is the slap in the face that has awoken much of the public. While many of us in the U.S. are very much aware of the scourge that is Fox News and the buying out of long cherished news organizations and throwing them into the bowels of disrepute; I don’t think the rest of the world quite knew what News Corp. was capable of.  They have no morality, although they love to espouse upon the immorality of the people they see as inferior or subversive.  Now, who is the real traitor in our midst? They have for almost two decades  undermined the public trust in the media, certain sectors of the government, NGOs and international organizations that don’t happen to agree with their narrow worldview.

At least in the UK they can investigate News Corp.’s infiltration of the police and political collusion, while in the U.S. it has the consumed the heart and sole of an entire political party. We cannot seem to exercise this beast of cynical venom from our national discourses.  When did we concede to give tabloids credibility as legitimate sources of information?  Look, what they’ve done with it!  Glenn Beck’s revisionist, sensationalized versions of history (Thank God, he’s now confined to radio) that have slithered into the mainstream.  Hysterical misinformed anti-pedophile campaigns being unleashed on innocent people.  Distopian scenarios with racist hues dangling from the eroded minds of the failed actors that pass for pundits.  Death-eating opportunists that prey upon the fears of the people to whom they hold the utmost contempt: their viewers and readers.  Do you remember when ‘a story at any cost’ meant dodging bullets on the front line in Sarajevo; not spying on innocent people in the hope to harvest the very last teardrop?

Maybe, and hopefully this the end of Orwellian media.  Beck, Limbaugh aka the fattest piece of diatribe known to Man have had shrinking ratings due to their empty promises, threats and predictions.  Boycotts of advertisers have scared off all but the most virulent corporate sponsors.  Like their much akin Charisma Televangelists of the 1980’s people are catching on to their scheming and it is just a matter of time before the wither the sunshine of the truth. To us the Vigilant, we must make sure that the void they leave is not filled by the same detritus or worse someone that believes in what they say.


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